Welcome to the 2023 Camping Season!

Dear Parents,


We hope this message finds you and your family well. We can imagine you are busy at the moment, finalizing plans for summer, our favorite season of the year! For those of us who love camp there’s simply nothing that compares to the energy and excitement of the first few weeks of summer, when the sun is shining brightest, the grass is its purest green, and the blues of the lakes we swim and sail in perfectly match the sky above. Every chirping bird and new leaf are a sign that our campers are returning soon! 


At every Leadership Academy camp we believe in moving through each day with the same optimistic mindset our campers exude. They always aspire to hit the trail one more time, to sail a little further out, to jump a little higher and extend more kindness along the way. Our campers inspire us to improve every single year. Given 2023 marks Leadership Academy’s 10th season, and the first in which we are a non-profit organization, this camp season is shaping up to be one of the most spectacular times in Leadership Academy history.


Our new non-profit status means that we will connect with the community outside of Leadership Academy like never before. Spending time outdoors makes you more bonded and present with the world, yourself, and others, so why shouldn’t that philosophy translate to our partnerships with the community? We are eager to join hands with schools, churches, and other organizations that work with the benefit of the community in mind. This inspiring step forward was made possible by the overwhelming support we’ve felt from camp families throughout the years. We deeply appreciate our camp parents and donors, whose efforts make camp possible for every child, through our Campership (camp scholarship) program. 


We believe every child deserves camp, deserves to unplug from the limited world of screens and social media and tap into the healthy, rewarding lifestyle of outdoor adventures. When your child returns home, you will undoubtedly notice that special, unique shift in their disposition towards a more confident, enthusiastic, and creative version of themselves. Each camp program offers an opportunity for positive development through new experiences while still letting kids play in ways that suit their personality. Something opens up in our more outgoing campers and our shyest campers alike when they are introduced to the unstructured play we support at Leadership Academy. 


You’lll find a classic camp spirit at Camp Twigs, which is all about environmental education and outside activity, the philosophy at the heart of Leadership Academy. Uninterrupted, undistracted outdoor time allows kids to tap into unbridled creativity and gain social intelligence as they play and learn with other campers. Some activities may be new to our campers and will challenge them, but that’s when we see their grit forge through and help them excel. Their self confidence resounds after a week at Camp Twigs, for they feel the effect of life skills they have gained in such a short time! Every child needs time outdoors to foster these characteristics, and we have different environments available for more specific interests. For the sport-inclined child, Mountain Bike Camp offers an adventure they may have had no idea awaited them in the woods, while Nashville Sail Camp makes the uncharted territory of water possible to conquer. Our more artistically inclined campers will always have opportunities for crafts during the camp day, while our silliest campers can join in on camp games and also create their own fun!


As you prepare for the beginning of what is sure to be a wonderful summer, we hope you are well and storing excitement up for the events to come and the memories to cherish. We are thrilled to have your child join us for what will surely be an unforgettable camp season full of new adventures, friendships, and learning. We are so grateful for the trust that you have placed in us, and know that your child’s well being and safety is our ultimate priority during their time at camp. We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for your child while they are at Leadership Academy. We cannot wait to see what this summer has in store, and we look forward to sharing these spectacular experiences with you all!




Laura “Twigs” Johnson