Twigs Time

We believe that play and exploration increase creativity, confidence and social intelligence. By playing with others in the outdoors, children build competence, autonomy, and relatedness that drives intrinsic motivation and happiness. We feel so strongly that children need time to play outside, especially now! This is why we have created a new school-year program, just for our current situation to meet our camp families’ needs. The new program is called “Twigs Time”. Twigs Time is an afternoon (after-school) enrichment program for children ages 5-12.

Our caring staff mentors will supervise the children in play-based learning in the outdoors. Twigs Time will provide a connection to nature, physical activity, and social engagement in a safe, exclusive pod of children with one mentor to limit potential exposure to COVID-19. There will be a strong emphasis on social-emotional development to support children’s’ needs and education. Activities include nature exploration, hikes, games, and crafts that connect children to nature and grow love and affinity for the outdoors. The group of 10 children will be a mixed age group between ages 5-12 with siblings and “quaren-team” buddies together as much as possible. Our mentors will work to create activities that engage the group and work to meet the individual needs of each participant. Parents and children should be aware of the mixed ages and that we will do our best to ensure there is one other child in the same age range whenever possible.

We are currently offering 2 pod choices that will meet in the afternoon 3 days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and afternoon 2 days a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. We will meet at Percy Warner Park, Bob Brown Field Station each day, (same location as Camp Warner Park). If your desired pod is full, please sign up for the waitlist to be notified if a space becomes available.

During programming at Twigs Time, we will be wearing masks and social distancing wherever possible. We also encourage families to wear masks whenever outside of the home and to practice social distancing while your child is enrolled in Twigs Time to reduce exposure to other participants and families. Our staff will do the same. This is a brand new program, and our first program during the school year, so please bear with us as we pilot this new program and navigate the system changes.

We welcome your feedback and thank you in advance for the opportunity to create something that can meet the needs of our camp families. See details below: